The Evolution of Thai Art in Asia

For several years now, a new form of the gallery has emerged in the Thai capital Bangkok. These galleries, in addition to the great art museums of Thailand, have made it one of the most visited countries in Asia. Would you like to know the evolution of Thai art? Do you want to discover the largest museum in Bangkok? Then this article is for you.

The evolution of Thai art

The evolution of Thai art, dates back to the years 1238 in the kingdom of Thailand, at this time called Siam. The cultural art objects of this period represent the indigenous art of the Thai people. It was in this period that "Theravada Buddhism" became the first religion of the inhabitants of this kingdom. After that, a method of decoration called "Lai Thai" appeared. This remains a reference in Thai decoration to this day. Furthermore, between 1351 and 1767, a war broke out between the Thai and the neighbouring kingdoms. This war lasted for more than 300 years, and caused the immigration of Siamese to the kingdom of Ayutthaya. It is worth noting that this war motivated the Thai to create several art objects that do not conform to the works of the Sukhothai period. For example, the Buddha statuettes are made in a different way. This enabled the people to make Ayutthaya one of the most famous trading areas in Southeast Asia. From the beginning of 1782 to the present day, many Thai people have migrated to the new capital of the country, Bangkok. On this place, they realised and enhanced, several works of art such as the statutes of the Chakri dynasty.

Discovering the contemporary museum of Bangkok

Still called MOCA Bangkok, the museum is located in the suburb of Kampang Pethch. This museum which contains several categories of high class sculpture and painting is the work of the greatest Thai artists. The main objective of this museum is to safeguard and make known to the world, the artistic values of Thailand. It is in this museum that the majority of the country's historic artworks are exhibited. It also represents a place where young artists come to get inspired to make a good career.

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