The impact of covid-19 on the art

At the beginning of the year 2020, the whole world was affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Thus, in order to reduce the effects of this pandemic, several restrictions have been taken, in almost every country in the world. This pandemic has completely brought all sectors of activity to a standstill, including the field of art. This article is written to show the negative effects of covid-19 in the art field.

What has happened to art in the time of covid-19

For over a year, the world has been experiencing the disasters caused by the corona virus. In lockdowns, curfews, closure of theatres, closure of museums and theatres, reporting and cancellation of various events have become common around the world. In the field of art, galleries and major museums around the world have closed their doors to tourists. Art events have been cancelled all over the world. For Julie Lacroix (Director of the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries), the effects are enormous, and the consequences are inestimable. Vincent De Repentigny, who is the artistic director and general manager of the living art organisation, says that their workplaces are closed and it is no longer possible for artists to attend these venues. In Canada, covid-19 has caused the cancellation of funding, travel projects for several weeks. Speaking of artistic events that have been cancelled, we can give the example of the Beauce Art International Sculpture Exhibition that was supposed to take place between 24 May and 14 June in Saint-Georges. The authorities in charge of this organisation declared that it is impossible to organise in this crucial time, the gathering of all the sculptors from all over the world.

Consequences of the effects of the pandemic in the field of art

The consequences generated by the covid-19 pandemic are enormous. For example, many people lost their jobs during this time. There has been a drop from 37.8% to 9.6% in employment in the arts and recreation sector. Also, the contribution of the arts sector to the economy has decreased by 0.8%. Also, companies operating in the field of art have seen their turnover fall.