The Evolution of French Literature

The literature of France includes the written books and oral works of French citizens. Indeed, the evolution of this literature has gone through several stages before becoming what it is at the moment. Would you like to know what French literature is? Would you like to know the stages of its evolution? If so, we suggest you read this article.

What to know about French literature?

French literature is one of the oldest in the world. Even countries like Canada, Belgium, Algeria... are inspired by it to write for them. Thus, at the beginning of the first centuries, the world only knew Latin literature. That is to say, the works of literature were all written in Latin. A few years later, French literature came into being alongside Latin. Little by little, it underwent its progression by not limiting Latin literature. In the 9th century, two categories of literature of the same language returned to France and spread in such a way that one was found in the Midi and the other in the North. From the period from the taking of England to the 1350s, the French language was the most widely spoken in the English-speaking world. Since that time, French literature has managed to conquer that of several countries starting with Italy and some time later, that of Cyprus or Switzerland.

The stages of the evolution of French literature

French literature has experienced some important stages in its evolution. We have: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Middle Ages: In the 12th century, the troubadours represented the oldest literature of France. Literary figures such as Bernad De Ventedour, Pierre Cardinal and Bertrand de born are the ones who left their mark on this language. Poetry appeared in this literature in the 13th century, and history in the 14th. It was not until the 15th century that theatre was introduced into this literature.
The Renaissance: This decisive period in French literature began in the 16th century. It marks the separation of Europe, and the fall of the unity of Europe.