Roman Modern and Contemporary Art

The majority of tourists to Italy aim to go to Rome to enjoy the wonders of Roman art. Indeed, in terms of art, Rome is an important figure. These must-see museums, containing objects from the ancient and modern periods, amaze visitors. If you want to make the discovery of this land full of history, we suggest you read this article as.

What to know about Roman art

When we talk about Roman art, you must understand that it refers to the art objects made in ancient Rome. So, Roman art includes all the objects made from the creation of Rome (753 BC) onwards to the descent of the Western Empire (476 AD). Around the 19th century, this art was accused by historians of having copied Greek art. However, faced with this problem, the Romans began to make entirely Roman objects. This art includes: the art of painting, the art of architecture, the art of mosaic and the art of sculpture. Among these arts, the Romans developed the art of sculpture and painting. Speaking of contemporary and modern art, it should be noted that the various artists of this time have always referred to ancient art to innovate. Ancient Roman art has therefore played an important role in the evolution of modern art. Also, for many years, artists have always visited the museums of Rome to be inspired by these achievements.

Some modern museums in Rome

Rome, the Italian capital is full of several museums of modern and contemporary art. Discover some of these here.
Gallery of Modern Art or Galleria d'arte moderna : Located in the centre of the city, this museum has within it, nearly 3000 works of art.
National Gallery of Modern Art: This museum opened its doors three decades ago in the Italian capital. It contains several objects dating from the 20th century.
Macro: In this museum you will see objects made by artists from several countries.