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  The Capitol Theatre Passaic, Where folks worked hard to provide concert fans and the bands that came to play at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic,NJ with a warm,safe,and fun environment.
Most importantly it is dedicated to our departed but never forgotten friends and co-workers of The Capitol Theatre who are no longer with us..We have dedicated a departed page on their behalf so they may be given a place of their own and others can visit and reflect.. If you wish to go there now you can click
HERE .There is also an additional link at the bottom of the page..

  What started out by compiling a list of Capitol Theatre Security has grown by inclusion all departments of the Capitol Theatre during the time of The Capitol Theatre's existence when John Scher and/or Al Hayward were the promoters there,and some employees of an outside contracted sound and/or light company or companies(because what good is a concert without sound and lights??) . There are also many people who worked the various venues other than the Capitol Theater in Passaic such as The Casino Arena,Convention Hall in Asbury Park,Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City,The New Jersey State Fairgrounds,Raceway Park,The Meadowlands Arena,Giants Stadium,and some we may or may not have forgotten... And without them and their support our jobs would have been impossible,so their names are included also...This by no way means we entertain the idea of including employees of other places such as The Meadowlands Etc...It does however mean that at our discretion, may add subtract or do what WE want with the list..If you are offended in any way by the list as to the fact that you are misled by its contents...PLEASE LEAVE NOW...Our intentions are not to mislead you..We Will Rock You....but never mislead you..

 This is what some of us now call our "HOME " on what is known as the "World Wide Web".

  We are on a mission to find our long lost friends of The Capitol Theatre and bring them "HOME" as well... Enjoy the sites and sounds this site has to offer and please don't forget to vist the Departed Friends of the Capitol Theatre page...

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we saw you


small rose The Deceased Have Roses On Either Sides Of Their Names small rose for deceased

John Scher Al Hayward  
small rose for deceasedCharlie Langsmall rose for deceased
Bill Vitale
John "BIG JOHN" Harte
small rose for deceased Richard "DICK" Carrollsmall rose for deceased
Paul "LITTLE PAULIE" Baumler
small rose for deceased Harry Newkirksmall rose for deceased
Augie Pensa Chris Cooke
Ines Barreto Arthur Berman Arthur "AJ" Giegerich
Frank Giacomarro Rick Stuart Hood
Benjamin "BENLEE" Lee Jack Parow
small rose for deceasedDennis Lynch small rose for deceased
Steve Martinique Bob Wolfe George Bross
Leon Primus Mike Greenfield
small rose for deceased Kenny Cartersmall rose for deceased
small rose for deceasedBilly Silvermansmall rose for deceased
Joyce-Greenfield-Thomas Ken Viola
Kim Yarborough Ron Martinelli Ron Porchelli
Jay Viola Mike Corby Don Salmanowitz
Tom Cappucio Don Rossman Paul Whistler
Scott Bishop
small rose for deceasedRich "POPS" Pelkeysmall rose for deceased
John "LITTLE JOHN" Warner
small rose for deceasedRich "LITTLE PIPE" Carlsonsmall rose for deceased
Vinny "MAD DOG" Lopez John Murphy
Ann Marie(Melnyk)Cooke Scott Vorhees Jerry Benevento
small rose for deceasedDonald "PEARL" Pearlmuttersmall rose for deceased
small rose for deceasedJack Winthroppesmall rose for deceased
Larry Brooks
Gary Marchesin Mike "ROSIE" Rosado Chris Carroll
Bob "BULL" Spinelli Bert Orson Woody Witfield
Pete Kirchheimer Steve "OMAR" Moran Rudy Herzog
Charlie Caruso
small rose for deceasedPeter Geigerichsmall rose for deceased
Pete Scherber
Bennie Caruso Eric Fortsh
small rose for deceasedEddie Karlinsmall rose for deceased
Ed Bowkley aka Ed Palmentera
small rose for deceasedBarry Hausersmall rose for deceased
Gary "FUZZY" Robertiello
Rich Rizzio Rennie Van Riper Joe Everett 
small rose for deceasedSteve Pachmansmall rose for deceased
small rose for deceasedKim Marinarosmall rose for deceased
Luis Triana
imgPaul "FLIPPER" Cohenimg
Jerry Morton Lee Pordon
Bob Krache Chris Lee Will Lee
Johnny Kleso Joe Chasmer Chas Evans
Greg Cummings Eric Carter Gene "Propp" Bradley
Steve Mihalko Floyd Pritchett Bob Mault
Chuck Van Sisco
imgJohnny Martinezimg
Hank Mumford
Al Lombardi Lou Pensa Vinny White
Pete Vigalone Arnie Rubestello Bob Rubestello
Bill Brunson Metro Duda Bob Ramano
imgBarry Kantorimg
small rose for deceasedJames Brazellsmall rose for deceased
Tom Contrino
Bobby Tamburri Andy Naya Ed "KARATE EDDIE" Shanley
Giulio "KING" Poli MaryAnn Lysaght Nick "BIG NICK" Kaschirian
imgMichael "Mickey" Babilya img
Bill McVey Michael Bacha
Lenny Destefano Barry Bennett Joe Chabora
imgSteve Abrahmskiimg
imgChris Oroszimg
Kenny Buys
imgBob Janeskimg
Gary Marchesen Kevin Flemin
Lou Colon Larry Cirkus Phil Longo
Joe "ABS" Ablahani
imgBob Ferrencelliimg
Gary Pinhiero
Emil Hayek Teddie Warcholic Dennis De Ghetto 
imgScott "BAM BAM" Bigelowimg Harry Schwartz John Bailey
Mike Papienuk David Giegerich Bobby Chirmside
Tom Wright Nick "NICKY D" Dobrowolski Don Gaess
Dave O'Malley Ed Walsh Frederick "BUDDY" Beddiges
Jim Perry Tony Ferrucci  Forrest Peck
Mike Mecca Paul Antonucci David Sancious
Raul Artze John Denovchick imgVinny "Steaks" Gradyimg
Bob English Jimmy Muska Dennis "HOLLYWOOD" Franzak
Marty Bergin Bill Bergin Adny Stolarz
Ralph "RALPHIE" Potter Kyle Subda Matthew Penney
Scott Presty Rich Laurenzano Glen Partusch
imgAl Yarmakimg imgJoe Ruffloimg Richard Partusch
Glenn Zak imgPete Farnese img Julio Velasco
Rich Siwiec Kathy Kopek Jerry "JACKET" Rosenbloom
Nunzio Iaquilino "STOSH" "Butter"
STAGE :    
Gerry Bakal Jay Eichler imgGreg "Cuddles" McKayimg
Al Dezon Paul Matt Jack Masterson
Dave Meyers Bobby DeLuca
img"MO" Morrison img
Lenny De Piano imgJoe"JERSEY JOE"Sciorntino img James "JIMBO" Butterfield
Fred Stedtler Bob Caputi Bert Holman
Frank Stedtler imgTom Syme img imgChuck Loggiaimg
Jimmy Delahanty Eric "WOLFMAN" Wolf Keith Maehrlein
Jeff Windwer imgBert Bakerimg Rich "DIRTY RICH" Jansen
John Spencer Bernard "BJ" James Bob Meeker
Doug Wood Dave Capo Joe Volpe
Jeff Skinner Jim Marlowe Scott Alsdorf
Frank Bochet Ernie Bochet Steve Thonus
Mark Giegerich Steve Rongo Tommy Goodwin
Jay Reilly Bobby Clarke Mike Ruttler
Michael Brettler Ron Haag Robin Ellis
Stu Pearsall Frank Pirtz David Hart
Frank Green Chris Gale  
Tom Drewke
imgHarold Kleinimg
Debbie Flynn
Celeste Rufo Joe Ipolito Len Dell'Amico
John Heller Mitch Hammer Veronica "COOL BREEZE" Loza
James "MOYSSI" Moyssiadis Ira"SPOT TWO"Bourstein  Brenig "BREN" Bowen
small rose for deceasedTim Buckleysmall rose for deceased
Tony Calleja David Dean
Jimmy Delahanty John "SPOT ONE"Goodfellow Hugh Jacobsen
Van Jacobsen Vicki Herstol Jacobsen Susan Logothetis
Kenny Mednick Bob Meeker Robie Raphael
Teresa Roccanova Anne Scullin Lee Squires
Amy Tuttle Larry White Jene Youtt
Marc Rubinstein Joe Lipton Marvin Chanes
Rob Cohen Sandy Frank Michael Strauss
Jeff Taffer    
Mike Zasuly imgDennis "RADAR" Lauricella img Karl "SPECIAL K" Keunning
Carl "LITTLE CARL" Cornell  Carl "BIG CARL" Gaedt Louie "ZIGGY" Calarese
"DOC" Cantwell Robert "BOBBY" Zehler imgG.T. "DUFFY" Sweeney img
imgLeonard "CY" Kocis img Kerry McWilliams Kocis Roger Judge
Fern Gnesin Robert Healy imgJames McGrathimg
Randy Foster imgRichard Boes img Jim McDonald
Eric Stein Debbie White Stephan Juliusburger
Inez Biongiorno    
Amy Polan Linda Herrmann Elaine Silber Lauricella
Debbie Falconbridge Barry Katcher Mary Glogoza
Bridget Nolan Cindy Sivak Ilana Jarvis
Lance Bernak Barbara Hayward Michael S. Vagi
Shelly Diamond Diane Hill-Schuchert Christine Hedberg-Dunne
Diane Kearny-Newkirk Jody Young Mary Curran - White
Bonnie Paschenko-Read Cindy Williams Eileen “ALI” Coughlin
Bob Leafe M. David Etra  
Greg Baron John Gunderson  
Michael Curran Peter Curran Chris Curran
Patrick Curran Kathy Curran Patricia Curran
Jill Falcone Christopher McCabe  
imgMicheal Klenfner img imgChuck Pulin img  

  If you or someone you know should be on the Capitol Theatre list please contact us by E-MAIL so we can add the name to the list.. Also if you should happen to know any of the names that are on the list, but incomplete or misspelled please
contact us with the information so we can make the adjustments accordingly....

  We also have a message board and forum you can join and talk about your experiences at The Capitol Theatre...Ask questions about lighting,security,sound,find long lost friends..or just come and join in on some fun conversation. (Just a warning on the
conversations...If you are a poser you will get flamed!!!)....ALL ARE WELCOMED!.....
  If you are or were a roadie,stagehand,bodyguard, or work/worked in ANY CAPACITY having to do with rock concerts..then come join us !!!

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grateful dead backstage pass from roosevelt stadium

grateful dead crowd
Just Another Day In The Sun At Roosevelt Stadium
a guy who looks like Jerry Garcia
Is That Jerry????? Check His Ticket!!!!
ticket to the grateful dead and the Band
OK He's Cool-Wow 6 Bucks For The Band And The Dead??

some of the capitol security members

Think I Saw These Guys On "Americas Most Wanted"

We Can't Forget Our Days At The Jersey Shore Now Can We??

boardwalk sticker

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The wrecking ball taking down the capitol theatre
Gone...But Never Forgotten !!!!
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natural man Moyssi  A true Friend who has a very interesting and informative site about the Capitol Theatre.
  Thank You "Brother" for helping to bring us all together !!!!

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natural manBehind The Scenes With Rick Stuart

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